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Bella Faux Finishes
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Home Ideas TV Show - To view samples of Unique and Original Art, created by Bella Faux Finishes, and to follow a New Interior Design project.
Address2512 S Grinnell Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57106-4406
Phone(605) 362-5750
“Photo Gallery of Interior Design Projects”
Take a moment to view our gallery of photos of Italian Venetian Plaster and the dramatic Italian Finishes.

Pictures of Italian Venetian Plaster can be the inspiration for new interior design ideas that can introduce the “Wow Effect” to your project.
To view our gallery of photos, from recent interior design projects, click on the link below the picture frame.

Home Ideas TV Show - To view samples of Unique and Original Art, created by Bella Faux Finishes, and to follow a New Interior Design project... in progress, click on the Home Ideas TV Show Logo. You will learn about New Interior Design Ideas for Columns, Tray Ceilings, Kitchen Ceilings and Family Room Walls, layering imported Italian Venetian Plaster and the dramatic New Italian Finishes. Also you will hear the story of Bella Faux Finishes, our Interior Design process and how you can schedule a meeting and share ideas about your New Interior Design Project.

Become a Friend of Mark Nordgren and Fan of Bella Faux Finishes and save money on your next Interior Design Project. We offer exclusive pricing to our Friends and Fans on Facebook (Mark Nordgren), Twitter (Italianfinishes) and Linkedin (Mark Nordgren). This is our way of saying thank you, for your continued support and interest in our Art.

The Wow Effect Book - Coming Soon! - Our New Book on How to Create The Wow Effect in your Home or Business is almost complete. We are finishing up project pictures and final editing, before it goes in for printing. I think it will be a valuable resource for Interior Designers, Architects and Contractors to include in their library of books with New Interior Design Ideas. You will learn how to Interrupt the Senses and explore the design possibilities when layering Italian Venetian Plaster, New Italian Finishes and New Faux Finishes.

Italian Venetian Plaster is NOT a Faux Finish. Historically correct formulas of 100% Slaked Lime (aged Grassello) and marble flour are what allow you to create this dramatic Italian Finish.
The American Version of Venetian Plaster, are generally a thick acrylic paint. They use very little lime or marble flour to create their product. Wax is then applied and buffed by hand or even a car buffer may be used, to try and recreate the dramatic effects of the true Italian Venetian Plaster.
I have worked with both American Venetian Plaster and Italian Venetian Plaster. It would not be fair to compare the two finishes. "True Italian Venetian Plaster" is beyond anything I have ever seen before.
Do you remember the first time, that you glided your hand across a marble or granite counter top?

So, in my quest to learn more about the origins, the history and the application of the Italian Finishes, I attended the "School of Italian Plaster". Here we were taught the ancient plaster techniques, which have been passed on by the "Master Italian Artisans".
This extensive training involved not only your hands and the unique application, but also the mind. It is critical to understand the philosophy of the application, as well as how each of the Italian Plasters work together, to create this dramatic effect.

The trowel application is physical and challenging. The timing and application of the Italian Plasters is unique. Each Italian Finish demands that you thoroughly understand each layer of the Italian Plaster.
To become proficient in the Italian Plasters, years of training and application are required, to historically replicate what the Italian Master Artisans have been able to do with the "Dramatic Italian Plaster Finishes". It truly is an art.

Verona, Italy is also the home of the "Balcony of Juliet", from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.

I have long admired the dramatic life and work ethic of Michelangelo. His unusual passion for design, from the Statue of David, the Sistine Chapel, to St. Peter's Cathedral, have created some of the most dramatic architecture and art to this date.
At Bella faux finishes, we are proud to offer our clients, just a taste of Italy with "True Italian Venetian Plaster".

At Bella Faux Finishes, we offer a variety of Venetian Plaster finishes. Our popular Stucco Veneziano, Stucco Calcenova, and Stucco Calcenova Arredo have a smooth and polished finish.

While many of our other Italian finishes, Stucco Fiorentino, Stucco Lugano, Murs d' Art, Marmorino, Travertino, and Etruria can range from matte to a textured finish.
Pictures of Italian Venetian Plaster finishes can only give you "A taste of the Effect". A picture cannot convey the emotion or the drama. You really have to see, touch, and feel the finish to understand, why Italian Venetian Plaster is so popular with Interior Designers throughout Europe and in the United States.
Colors of the "Italian Finishes" can be custom tinted and matched to most of today's color fan decks, from Sherwin Williams to Benjamin Moore. Bring your colors, your fabrics, and your ideas....let's talk.

Another one of our popular Italian Finishes is Stucco Valentino. As our clients have echoed, the final effect is...Breathtaking.
Almost impossible to describe, you will see Marble and Granite Veining, some of it will look like Petrified Wood, or a dramatic Cork or Burl Wood. Wait until you see it!

The detailed layering of each Italian Plaster and texture, can vary the final effect and topography of this finish from a rough stucco to a smooth marbled finish.
It is truly a "work of Art" when completed. Multiple layers of Italian Plaster, timeless detailing, combined with training and passion are required to create the stunning...Stucco Valentino Effect.

At Bella Faux Finishes, we offer a limited number of unique Faux Finish effects. From traditional glazes, relief finishes, and textured Faux Finish and Old World Themes.
There are many common Faux Finishes that we do not offer. Personal design tastes are unique to everyone. Our goal is to present our clients with the most unique and dramatic Interior Design effects and ideas.

A common mistake today, is to introduce too many Faux Finishes, Decorative Finishes, or Italian Finishes into an Interior Design Project. There are many times when just a great paint color is best.

A word of caution, choose your decorative finishes wisely. Your decorative finishes are like the "Seasoning in a Great Meal". Just the right amount is all you need to create a dramatic effect.

"The Wow Effect" - Understanding the principals of Staging, Drama, and Effect are critical to creating "The Wow Effect". Each decorative finish must have a purpose, before it is introduced into your Interior Design.

Today, one of our popular Italian Finishes is Stucco Veneziano Metallo. It is a must to see. On a tray ceiling it is hard to describe it's effect.
You will think your ceiling is alive. Natural light and Artificial light will dance on it all day, creating a movement that is just Amazing!

This finish is also very popular in Niches, Bathrooms, Fireplaces, Dining Rooms, Kitchens, Range Hoods, and Accent Walls.
Stucco Veneziano Metallo offers a variety of colors and effects to choose from. Many of the colors can be enhanced, from a single color effect to the dramatic aged patina effect.

Contemporary Italian Finishes - You will think you are in a "New York Design Studio" or "San Francisco Advertising Agency", when you see the Stucco Veneziano Metallo color Argento Antico...Wow!

Interior Design Ideas - are you looking for ideas? Whether you're a Home Builder, Architect, Interior Designer, Painting Contractor, Interior Decorator, or Home Owner.
From New Construction, Professional Offices, Restaurants, to Home Remodeling Projects. We would love to share some ideas about your next Interior Design project.

"The Fifth Wall" - Dramatic Ceiling Ideas, don't forget to include your "Fifth Wall" in your interior design project.
Some of your most dramatic interior design effects can be achieved on every style of ceiling from Barrel Ceilings, Tray Ceilings, Vaulted Ceilings, Dome Ceilings or a Traditional Flat Ceiling.

Bella Tin Ceilings - At Bella Faux Finishes, we offer a variety of "Interior Design Services". They include "Nostalgic Tin Ceilings" or a "Dramatic Wallpaper". All of these effects can be used to stage your next Interior Design Project, and take your vision to the next level.

Bella Painting Services - As our business continues to grow, the many requests for Painting, has created the Bella Painting Services division of our company. Our Passion for Artisan Painting is the same as with our Italian Finishes. Everything has to be perfect. Painting prepares the room for the dramatic Italian Finishes.
"When you combine your "Painting Project" with our "Italian Finishes", many times, we have saved our clients up to 25% off their Painting Contractor Bid. If you are just beginning a new project, please call to learn more.?

We love to get involved in the early stages of an Interior Design Project. Presenting Interior Designers, Architects, Home Builders, and Homeowner's with a variety of creative ideas and dramatic finishes is the fun part of the process.
At Bella Faux Finishes, the study of Dramatic Interior Design is a passion. The importance of how you stage a room, and layer your color and texture, will determine the final effect.

To learn more about the Interior Design process, I have tried to capture some of our ideas, by writing a variety of articles on Interior Design.

If you are just beginning your Interior Design project, and would like to share some ideas, please give us a call.
Some people are hesitant to reach out and invest the time in researching new Interior Design Ideas. But, sometimes the smallest decisions can have the greatest impact on a project.

Creating "Dramatic Interior Design" is a challenging process. You will spend many days of struggle and effort.
The "Key Element" of every successful Building and Interior Design project, is the team you bring together. Every Architect, Real Estate Developer, Home Builder or Interior Designer will echo this. This is when the ...magic begins to happen.

As Bella Faux Finishes, continues to grow, while serving the Sioux Falls, South Dakota region, we are now also offering our services, and the dramatic "Italian Finishes" to many other communities in the Midwest. Including Minneapolis, Minnesota, La Crosse, Wisconsin, Omaha, Nebraska and Sioux City Iowa.

If you are just beginning a new Interior Design Project, Make a commitment to learn more about the Italian Finishes.
Finally, the fun begins with the brainstorming session of the Interior Design Process. Selecting the style, color, and texture of your Italian Finish is unique each time. "The completion of a project is like saying an old friend."
~ Mark & Kathleen Nordgren ~


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